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Copperhead Road - tablature

Last updated: 8 May 1996

Copperhead Road album cover


Copperhead Road (Steve Earle) - Mandolin

This is the Mandolin part for "Copperhead Road".

It is in standard Mandolin tuning, G-D-A-E, low strings to high. The Tab is standard, low string on the bottom.

I've taken a few minor liberties with the arrangement, so it sounds pretty "full" even when played without other instruments, but those of you with a keen ear might note that it is not an exact transcription. It's pretty close, though! ;-)

Steve uses one of his favorite rhythm guitar techniques, transferred here to the mandolin: picking out a melody on the low strings while holding a chord form on the other strings, and mixing in full chord strums with the individual notes of the melody. The result is a very full, powerful sound, perfect for solo instrument and voice.

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