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Bob Amos
"Wherever I go"

Hayden's Ferry Records

Bluegrass, Folk, Blues, Celtic

Bob Amos is an extraordinary songwriter, singer, and guitarist. His music combines unforgettable melodies and beautifully crafted lyrics with an intimate and captivating performing style.

For the past ten years Bob has toured extensively in the USA and Europe as the lead singer, songwriter, guitarist and guiding force in the contemporary folk and bluegrass group, Front Range, which has record four albums with Sugar Hill Records.

With the release of his first solo album, Wherever I Go, Amos is reaching an even wider audience with his stirring guitar playing, passionate singing and formidable songwriting talents. Bob's broad musical background and eclectic taste has enabled him to blend elements of folk, country, blues, bluegrass, Celtic and rockabilly into his song arrangements, resulting in an all-acoustic program that is refreshingly varied.

Bob and his family divide his off the road time between their home in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia and their cabin in northern Vermont. Both areas often figure into the poetic and spiritual imagery of his lyrics.

Bob Amos characterizes his music as commentary on every-day life, but there is nothing every-day about the insightful perspective and memorable melodies of this exceptional performer.

"...an acoustic music smorgasborg. These offerings are strictly gourmet. Tieing it all together is the unifying thread of Amos' quietly charismatic personality." - Dafid Royko/Tuckman (Chicago Tribune)

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