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Here are the lyrics for Dog Days. The only lyric we don't know is on Slow Suicde where you see the blah blah blah part. If you see any corrections that need to be made, please let us know. Homegrown lyrics will be coming soon.

Mountain Girl:

Does anyone remeber, does anybody care, the days we danced together with feathers in our hair. Rivers ran together, to sing a crystal tune, stones skipped on the water, circles around the moon.

Chorus: Oooh hey yea yea- when the full moon shines the mountains pines are swaying. ooh yea yea- close your eys and listen to the gituars playing - little mountain girl

Built a box together, filled it full of songs, and burined it on the mountain beneath a pile bones. Then we said goodbye forever, to the hell that was our home and set out across the flatlands, for 40 years to Roam

Lets Ride:

Lets ride, down highway 49. Lets ride, down to the waterline.

Chorus: I can feel me coming alive, when you take me out for a ride. So lets ride.

Lets ride out of town into the night. Lets ride, aw baby everythings gona be alright.

Chorus: I can feel you deep down inside. When you take me out for a ride.

Blue Canoe:

Ridin 'round the county drinkin from a jar. Big blue canoe up on top of the car. Hop in darlin', don't be a stranger. Sit back and relax, cause you ain't in no danger.

Well Bogalusa spells trouble to me, I'd rather stay out here under the trees. With the wind on the lake, the stars in the sky, what else do you need to make you feel high.

Chorus: I want to ride with you in my blue canoe. Baby lets go ridin. slippin and a sliding. In my blue canoe.

You bring the ice chest and I'll get the bait. Meet me at the lake and don't be late. Cause all this hangin around, is draggin me down. I gotta get behind the wheel and get the hell out of town. Too many people, too many cars, to many nights in too many bars. My noggin's gettin' soggy and my spirit's are saggin. Time to take a ride in my blue water wagon.

Soul Sister:

She used to be my soul sister. Best friend I ever had, till my mind got all twised around. Now shes gone and I miss her. Some nights so bad. I'm hoping that she'll come back around.

First time that I say her was the summer I turned 14. She was sitting on the hood of a car, at the drive in show. I saw a tear roll down her face, as she gazed up at the screen. And her black hair in the wind began to blow.

Chorus: Shine on soul sister. She's my only bright light in this town. She's my soul sister, and I'm hoping that she'll come back around.

The last time that I saw here was through the bottom of a glass. I was struggling to hold my head up of the floor. I called her name out once or twice, but she moved just a little to fast, and she walked out of my life and slammed the door.


When I woke up today, I was feeling ok. But my mind starting turning as breakfast was burning. My soul slipped away to a red evening sky, and a lovers sweet sigh, in the wink of an eye. In the wink of an eye.

Just try not to think, cause it will drive you to drink. But I cannot forget the all the things that you said while when were high. I was flying too high, in the wink of an eye.

What more can I say, why should I even try. After reading letter, I don't know whether to laugh or to cry, or just say goodbye. With a wink in my eye.

La la lalalalalalalalalalaalalalalalala

Slow suicide:

Obsecne desire of my obsession. I tried to make her my possesion, but love and lust must live free. Now the spell I threw, is coming back to me.

Chorus: Well I feel like I'm roped and tied. Shes takin me for a ride, slow suicide.

Black nights, and cloudy days. Blah blah blah. I can't see the point in staying alive. I'm going to the river to take a deep long dive.


There was a band called bud, made electric mud. Rode around town in a beat up van. Smokin marijuana like every other band.

They set their hair on fire. Strung thier guitars with barbed wire. Danced in the rain, and sang at the Sunny, live in the van when they ain't got no money.

Chorus: Roll on rock and roll soldier. No time to think your getting older, when you got that big green on your mind.

In a town by the riverside, where the king got fat and died. The rednecks were talkin about a second coming, but the boys on the street were buned out and bummin. So the boys tried to state their case. Rappin rhymes over funky bass. You better watch out boy, you're gona get censored, or knocked up side your head by a public defender.

Chorus: Rock on, make me a believer. Don't sell your soul to a deciever. You grease your palm, you fry your mind.


In the winter of 1935, in the town of Tupelo. The thin walls of a shotgun shack wasn't much shelter from the cold. Twin boys was born on a winters day, but one lay still and cold. So they layed him down in the cold ground to sleep beneath the snow.

Walked the dirt road hand in hand to school and back again. He's the only child that she'll ever have shes his only friend. As the darkness falls and the night birds call, turn on the radio. To sing along till the crack of dawn, across the tracks of Tupelo.

He rode the sky like lightning, from Graceland to Hollywood, and sang a song that was pure and strong, and gave like robin hood. His life became a lesson. His legend won't cease to grow, how the angels sang on the day he came to be born in Tupelo.


Ten miles north of Jackson stood a tower, with 100,000 watts of power. In the parking lot after school, the skynard nation rolled the knob to 102.

Chorus: Oooh ridin around the back roads like a fool. Oooh oooh rock me all night long ZZQ.

Going to California, Band on the run, Southern Man, Fortunate Son, ride the magic bus all the way to blue. Midnight rider so tired of waiting for you.

Chorus: Oooh. I can grant your requests this ones for you. Yea, ooh ooh ooh, rock me all night long ZZQ.

Eyes of a child:

I used to wake up in the morning, curse the light. Curse the day, that I wanderd from away, to this wicked life.

Chorus: But now I'm growin strong, and green on the vine. Livin in the light of your smile. Watchin the days slowly driftin by through the eyes of a child.

Listen my friend if your hangin to the end of your rope. It's never to late to try again and grab a shinin ray of hope.


Jimmy Carter:

In the bicentennial summer of our faded glory land a bright new face appeared upon the scene. Of an honest peanut farmer by the name of Jimmy Carter. His eyes were set on every school boys dream.

Chorus: Well he said I'd never lie to you, and what's more he never did. Though the times grew mighty tough, he never flipped his lid. So shake the hand of the man, with a hand full of love. The one and only Jimmy Carter.

There was joy thoughout the nation, at that great inauguration, the GOP stood shakin in their shoes. Serenaded by Willie, and toasted by Billy, this president with honest peanut roots.


Lets go runnin:

Your mothers dead, I know a flower's around her head. Your inheritance left you nothin but her debts.

Chorus: Lets go runnin though open feilds in the summer rain. Lets go runnin to a better place.

Now I sleep on dirty matresses. Just like a dog on the rug. See my world through dirty glasses. Staring up at the sun.


Have you ever met a stranger, on the corner of your bed. Tried to rearrange her, just got desparate instead.


Hippy Hotel:

Well I knew this town was headed for hell the day the tore down the hippy hotel. Mister Rogers said it was too far gone. Had to clear it away, commercialin zone. For a hundred years it stood the test of time, till they laid it down to rest in peices that won't be joined again. When they clear away the wreck, they're gona raise the roof on a disco tech, with mirror balls and woofers cranked to 10.

Well, there's something kinda strange about this street. When I walk it, I can feel it in my feet. Long ago, an old lady lived in a house with 40 cats and a freeze-dried spouse. Memories haunt that vacant lot, hangin in the trees like patchy fog. Late at night, they wisper in the wind. No one listens to the trees and they'll be gone soon wait and see. Once they're gone they won't come back again.

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