Blind Luck
                                                              Pete Case

   A                                                 E
Here comes blind luck swingin' his cane
Wonder what he's going to try & pull today
He's always got a trick or tow up his sleeve
I've seen him play a few tricks you wouldn't believe

Here comes blind luck he's calling your name

He's got a new set of rules to a brand new game

He's gonna make an offer that you can't refuse

He's got a way of knowing who's got something to lose.

                D                                        A
You can hedge your bets or you can play the odds
                E                             A
You can deal with the devil or go with God
             D                                  A
It's anybody's game when the wheel starts to spin
           E                                                  A
Somebody's gonna lose, somebody else win.

Now her comes blind luck, he's your long lost friend

When the stakes are right he's always back again

Tappin' on your shoulder while you wait your turn

Standin' in your corner when there's money to burn.

So you bet it all on the black thirteen

Then you close your eyes & start to dream

Of a brand new chance in a far off town

Then your hands start shakin' at the wheel slow down.

So here comes blind luck in his new pair of shades

A pocketful of money somebody else made

A new white suit & a French silk tie

He's crossing 'gainst the traffic with his head held high

All the evidence points to providence

but your common sense says coincidence

When the deal goes down & the lost are found

Whether you win or lose that's the blind luck Blues.

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