The Benejesurits

Diane Wegner - lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Tom Adams - bass
Kyle Bonderson - percussion
Greg Stern - drums, percussion
Beth Wegner - piano, vocals
Additional Guitar - Tom Bentz


look at our faces
you don't have to read our minds
listen to our voices
we're trying to rise up from behind
  from behind your brick walls
  from behind your past
  you're stuck inside your structured world
  but you know this can't last,
  this repression, your repression
you'd like to decide
what to do with our bodies
well, let me tell you something, boy
we won't take it anymore
  so go hide behind your brick walls
  go back into your past
  you better start listening
  'cause you know this can't last
  this repression, your repression
'biology is destiny'
isn't that what you said?
well, it often makes me wonder
if it's equality that you dread
  now we're gonna break down your brick walls
  we will never live by your past
  wake up from your structured world
  'cause you know this never can last
  this repression, your repression

No Guarantee

so you say he's no good for me, well, what do you know,
sometimes it's so hard to tell, are you my friend or my foe?
take a look at your erratic past, now tell me are you really one to say?
I just can't understand why you gotta treat me this way
  as far as you're concerned
  no one will ever be right for me
  maybe I should stay alone forever
  how's that for a guarantee?
just last week you said that I was doing fine
now I'm starting to think all you really want is to be mine
told you time and time again it'll never work out that way
so there's no use in sitting there waiting for that blessed day
  as far as ...
   how's that for a guarentee?
    why don't you just close your eyes to what you don't want to see,
     I'm not asking that much from you
      but do you think you could stop what you're putting me through?
     if you're having trouble understanding what I#m saying
    maybe you should stop this relentless game you're playing
   if you still want me to be there for you
   you better change your actions and your twisted point of view
     as far as ...
     you've got no guarantee

When the love has died

yesterday I saw a young girl on TV
and she seemed pretty sane to me
she was talking about the hard times she's been through
yet at such a young age what's she to do?
  can't do nothing about it
  the papers were signed and now she's there
  it seems to me they just gave up
  as if they didn't even care
tied her down and told her she was crazy
and left her there for such a long time
they drugged her up and told her lies, said she was never leaving
treating her as if she committed some crime
  can't do ...
    oh, what can I tell you
    when they think they've tried?
    you can't do much when the love has died
it's no wonder she acts the way she does
when she feels like a prisoner and they call it 'love'
I know it's hard and it feels like there's no end
but you can't always throw away what you grow tired of
   now she can't ...

I see you

will you tell me the reason
the children have gone mad?
with each new season
more good boys turn bad
  you can see it in their faces
  running from something
  living in their hiding places
  boys, I see you
safety in numbers on the street corner
that's what they like to believe
the trail seems to be getting warmer
but they still grieve
  you can ...
they reflect the pain within their eyes
keep them searching the skies
emotional showers from the well below
their faces tell you so
  you can ...

I didn't ask you why

looking out my window, I just don't know what to do anymore
thinking about you, yeah, I'm thinking about you again
do you think of me when I'm gone, do you think of me when I'm far away?
well, I didn't mean to, no, I didn't mean to make you stay
  well, you should have left me way back then
  you should have left me high and dry
  but instead you chose to stay and love me
  I didn't even ask you why
now I look back and I see your troubled face staring down at me
I wonder what you were thinking, I wonder what you saw in me
did you think that you could change for me, did you struglle with your own insecurity?
well, I didn't mean to, no I didn't mean to hide my feelings away
  well, you should ...
  I didn't ask you why
    you stayd with me and listend to my crying
    why you loved me even though I felt like dying
now some time's gone by since I saw your face and felt your loving arms
yet I know no matter where you go you'll never be that far
do you wonder why I left that way, did you understand my pain?
well, I didn't mean to, no I didn't mean to hurt you in every way
  well, you should...


let me tell you a story, about a girl I know
think I'll call her 'queenie' 'cause she likes to be the head of the show
don't know much about trusting, don't know much about honesty
I can tell you this first-hand 'cause she once screwed over me
  everybody loves her, just ask her, she'll tell you
  she can't give advice or apolgies, you just gotta learn to set yourself free
  from queenie, you've got no hold on me
  queenie, get off your throne and face me, can you face me?
fed up with her secrets, and fed up with her lies
she tries to come off looking clean but I can see through her eyes
she's so controlling, turning everyone against me
didn't know what she'd be up against when she met me
  everbody ...
she'll tell you not to worry about a thing,
says everything is fine but eventually you'll find out she's just handing you a line
what she says and what she does are two different things
nothing she can give to you is worth the pain she'll bring
  everybody ...


where are all the little girls and boys going,
what do they want to achieve?
seeking happiness in their own crazy ways
but I know there's something they still need
  don't give me your testimony
  I don't wanna hear you justify you
  don't let me in on what you're gonna do
  you justify you
playboy girls with their cocaine smiles
growing into nothing, going nowhere, wearing thin
glamour boys with their possessions made of gold
feelings thick as water, their minds thin as ice
  don't give me your testimony
  I don't wanna hear you justify you
  don't let me in on what you're gonna do
  don't give me your testimony
  you can never justify you, you justify you
  do you have a direction?
  you know you cannot win, yustify you
use your brain, not your body or your money
what if your luck runs out?
when your morals have all been shot,
will you scream and shout?
  don't give ...

I never wanted you to go

when you walked through my door that fated day
I knew things would never be the same
you said you're leaving me, you said I never loved you
but there's just one thing you gotta know
  I never wanted you to leave me
  I never wanted it to end this way
  I never wanted you to go
  I never wanted you to go
well, I tried so hard to make you understand
how I was feeling, oh, so many times
you know I wanted you so bad, yeah, I tried so hard to change you
but I guess I crossed that line
  but, I never ...
    but now it's too late to try and make you chang your mind
    and now I can only blame myself for how you said goodbye
now I know you're not coming back to me
how can I blame you, how can I blame you?
all I did was cause you pain, all I did was cause you grief
but you know, you know,
  I never ...

It's all over now

I saw you every day
I couldn't help it
you claimed your innocence
however, you couldn't convince me
the face you're wearing doesn't suit you well
you're so good at underestimating me
how long can you keeep this up?
you should know by now you will never be free
  what about your wife,
  what about your children?
  they're so helpless now
well, we all know you're a star
but why should that matter, it's no less of a conviction in my eyes
you've got the best pawns to back you up.
so tell me why, why are you still trying to hide?
  what about your wife,
  what about your children?
  they're so helpless now
  what about their lives.
  what about their security?
  you took it all away, and it's all over now
    do you see why it's hard to believe your elusive words?
    how do you explain your anger, why didn't you confront your fears?
    now it's too late
now it's too late to say you're sorry
although I don't believe you'd say it anyway
what makes it so diffucult to understand how I am feeling?
I guess it's just the twisted world we live in
  what about ...
  what about your wife?
  what about her life?
  you took it all away and it's all over now

Just a groupie

ölease get your hand off the stage
I can't play when it's there
don't even think of throwing me a flower
'cause it might get caught in my hair
  well, I know I've got quite a head on my shoulders
  and I know that I can have it all
  and I know just how much you want to be me
  and I can tell because
  you're just a groupie after all
although you speack better than I do
it don't mean a whole 'lot to me
I'll still call you 'baby', still call you 'honey'
and insult you in every way
  well, I know ...
now who are you to tell me
how to play my guitar?
if you think you know so much more than I do
then how come I'm the big star?
  well, I know ...

Hard to say goodbye

I wasn't looking for love at all
but I met you and set myself up for a fall
you said you wanted to be my friend and I agreed
but you don't realize there's more I need
  can you tell by the way I talk to you,
  can't you see it in my eyes?
  every time that we go our separate ways,
  is it supposed to be hard to say goodbye?
I haven't felt your touch in quite awhile
but my tears aren't gonna fall, so I just gotta smile
I put my trust in you and you abused me
why won't you open up your closed eyes and see?
  can you ...
what are you doing with your time without me?
I'm still waiting for you, though I know I should leave
will you come to me with open arms,
or will you walk away and leave me in harm?
  can you ...

Like a knife

so many years ago I felt so alone
I knew you from a distance, but who could have known
that later on we'd share our secret loves, along with our fears?
but now it seems as though all those times have gotten lost
along with the years
  did you ever think about how I'd feel
  knowing I was no longer a part of your life?
  did you ever occur to you that your rejection could cut me like a knife?
thought I meant something to you even though we've nearly lost touch
all those people you knew nothing about were there that day
in your mile-high club but where was I, where was I?
  did you ...
oh, how can I blame you?
you were probably told it was right to leave out someone so different
who know, I may have spoiled your night but did you ...

Music/Lyrics written by Diane Wegner
Except I See You lyrics written by Craig "Boo" Nelson

All Songs copyright 1996 Diane Wegner
All right reserved

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