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Diane Wegner & The BeneJesurits


Diane Wegner was a solo singer/songwriter from 1990 - 1995 while completing her BS in Music Composition/Performance and her BA in Music Industry. She has been influenced by such artists at The Indigo Girls, Tracy Chapman, Madonna, and John Mellencamp, to name a few.
Band Members:
Diane Wegner - Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Flute
Kyle Bonderson - Percussion
Andy McClure - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Greg Stern - Drums, Percussion, Background Vocals
Beth Wegner - Piano, Percussion, Background Vocals
"A passionate feminist humanist a la Natalie Merchant, this folk-rocker is a welchome new voice on the local scene."
Jim Meyer, Local-Music Columnist, Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Diane Wegner's songs are conceived with a genuineness of expression and ignited by the passion of her heart."

Homer Lambrecht, Director of Recordings, Innova Recordings

"Diane Wegner reinvents roots-rock with her down-to-earth vocals and catchy melodies. By far, one of the best things to land on my desk."

Jenny Krob, October Records

"The showmanship and personality of the group impressed me, and I was thoroughly entertained throughout the entire show."
Mei Young, Local Music Director , KQRS Radio