Angry Johnny & The Killbillies in Germany now...!!!!


Tue, 18 Nov 1997 19:36:18 -0500 (EST)



What follows are excerpts from our most recent e-mail newsletter. If you get

the opportunity, don't miss Angry Johnny & The Killbillies (schedule below).

Tell them that Kloog sent you!

Howdy from Boston's finest and only non-urban roots rock record label. Its

been a while since the last time I sent a message, and look! I got a new

email address. Things have really been heating up around Tar Hut as the

winter months move in..starting in February 1998 you'll be able to find Tar

Hut product in any Tower Records store in America, and there's other good

crap brewing right now, but I'll spare you the boring record industry

yappin.....I think this time I'll try to update everyone artist by

artist.....and as always, if you dont give a rats ass about Tar Hut just let

us know and I'll take you off the email list. Last time around someone

responded by writing to us "I dont care about your record label." That was

it. Anyway, here we go:

Angry Johnny & The Killbillies:

European Invasion Tour (Gonna be bloody, as always...):

11/18/97 - Oettinger Villa, Darmstadt GERMANY

11/19/97 - Mono, Duisburg, GERMANY

11/20/97 - Burgerhaus Kalk, Cologne, GERMANY

11/21/97 - The Jazz Club, Holzminden, GERMANY

11/23/97 - Zeche-Studio, Bochum, GERMANY

11/25/97 - Schlachthof, Kassel, GERMANY

11/27/97 - Nadone Bar, Geneva, SWITZERLAND

11/28/97 - Coupole, Bienne, SWITZERLAND

11/29/97 - Cafe Mokka, Thun, SWITZERLAND

Last you heard, they were looking for a guitar player, and they got their man

in Ray Neades, aka Pee Wee. Well, that lasted about 3 months. Ray is a super

guitar player, but, um, things happened and now they are again seeking a

guitar player. For now, all shows will be played as a trio.........hey, the

band is going to Europe on Monday! Theyll be touring Germany, Switzerland and

Austria with Steve Westfield & The Slow Band for the next couple

weeks.....then it'll be back in the states on Dec 5..and right into the

studio to record the follow-up to the first album. The new album is

tentatively titled "All-American Girl" (it could change) and should be out in

the late spring/early summer months.....They're recording at Slaughterhouse

Recording Studio in Northampton, Mass. under the close supervision of Mark

Miller, one of the most respected studio guys in Western

Massachusetts.........and a helluva nice guy......the band played at The

Lakeside Lounge last night in New York City, and some random person came in

with their guitar after rehearsing with their band. A couple hours later and

$200 poorer, Angry Johnny left with a new ax for his collection of about 50

guitars............if you see the band, request them to play the holiday

favorite, "Blue Christmas." You can only imagine what happens.........the

annual New Years Eve party will be

happening again this year at the Bay State in Northampton, and this year it's

a Tar Hut extravaganza with Angry Johnny & The Killbillies headlining and the

newest Tar Hut band, The Lonesome Brothers, opening. We'll be buying the

champagne and giving away gifts and doing raffles......last year all kinds of

hooligans showed up and sold the place out.......and there was even a couple

of jerks from Tar Hut up there singing, but I'm not naming names......if you

want to go, let me know and I'll put you on the list, this year promises to

be even better, and again, will sell out

pretty quickly.

The Ex-Husbands:

We've got quite a little story developing here. The boys debuted on the Gavin

Americana chart last week at #34 and this week shot up to #25 - the highest

leap up the chart out of any band!..look for the song "Johnny Walker Redneck"

on the New Country compilation CD, on the stands now....We've had lots of

inquiries about tour dates, and all I can say is: be patient! A large tour

for January and February is being worked out as I type and for now there's a

few sporadic dates. More will be added...........check our website for

updates or how to order


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