Ad Vanderveen

Ad Vanderveen - The moment that matters - Bluerose Records

Smart guys at Blue Rose a label situated in The German city of Abstatt.  For years they have been working with excellent albums a.o. in the singer songwriter genre. Now they have been able to get a hold of our one and only Ad Vanderveen. As soon as . Ad decided go solo and said goodbye to his band Personnel back in 1992 his career has only been going up hill ever since. One beautiful album was  followed by one more beautiful seemingly with no effort at all (if you don’t know know what I’m talking about you should listen to “Brand new everytime”, “Here  Now” or “One on One”.

With his newest sibling “The moment that matters” pardon my expression !
It’s more of the same. Actually it’s too much of a good thing!, in the better sense of the word. Forover more than 62 minutes Ad Vanderveen keeps his listeners in a trance with beautiful songs showing his musical pallet in its full spectrum. From the deliberately small kept  fragile folksongs ("If my eyes were blind") up to the solid rocksongs ("Rock and Roll ain’t dead") which are prove of the fact that Vanderveen will always remain a Young follower The songs which appear on “The moment that matters”, are ,as can be expected from Ad, tastefully colored with dobro,mandoline and piano and they show that a lot more can be expected from Ad and that his musical inspiration is far from drained.

The record is  officially released no sooner than the 16th of February. that’s why it’s perhaps a bit premature  to draw some too obvious conclusions, but I would not be surprised that in time this will be considered Ad’s best CD up till now.

On this CD Ad is getting the help from a number of artists which have already earned their credits in (folk) music, like Iain Matthews, David Olney and Eliza Gilkyson. No doubt this will lead to music lovers (from far across our borders) wanting to know more about “our Ad’s “music.His record deal with the well known Blue Rose label will certainly help. The album will be released in England, Germany and the VS at the same time. Ofcourse I grant him all the success in the world but at the same time hope that he will keep finding the time to perform in small  Dutch venues  For is it not true that it’s there that the odd musiclover finds the real “moments that matter”.

It’s bad luck for all those other beautiful releases at the moment but this new Vanderveen album will not leave my CD player for days to come!

by Jos van den Boom