The Blue Seeds

As much good music is made from north of the border, I have to admit that when it comes to Americana bands from Canada, I always think of Blue Rodeo. Well, Blue Rodeo might have to make room for another Canadian “blue” band – The Blue Seeds.

Containing only four songs (plus an instrumental intro) the Blue Seeds self-titled EP showcases their ability to play smoky, bluesy beats on tunes such as Barcelona and Amphetamines and Coffee. Those efforts actually wouldn’t sound out of place on Blue Rodeo’s Diamond Mine.

A Quick Killing in Art has an acoustic, country vibe and is a song that makes you glad there is a repeat button on your CD player. 

While there is deft instrumentation throughout, what holds the EP together is the strong vocals of Amelie Laflamme.  However, while she is not as understated as another Canadian lark, Margo Timmins of the Cowboy Junkies, I’d like to hear Laflamme belt it out a few times on future efforts.