Sturgill Simpson

D Bm D Bm

      D                                              A
Decided to write a song for my hero
             A                                              D
Considering he's done so much for me
                Bm                                              D
He's the one that pulled me up when I fell down so low
                A                                                                                              D
He's the one that led me through the darkness when I could not see

         F#m                                                 D
Never met a man more gentle or any humbler
           F#m                                                                   A
Never once heard him raise his voice or saw him mad
          Bm                                                                 D
But I watched him break his back on coal and lumber
      G                                                 A
To give her everything she never had

Bm                                                      D
 Cause when it all comes down to zero
                A                                                   Bm
There's nothing more this life could ever give
            D                                           Bm
And I know I'll never find another hero
G                                  A
 Not another one like him

Born on a summer day in some dark holler
Way back in the hills of Perry County
Well he grew up poor and he never saw a dollar
But a dollar ain't no good in a coal camp anyway


And if I'm half the man he is when I die
I don't know if I could ask for too much more
He taught me you only need one hand to count your real friends in this life
But if you find true love you better take both arms and hold on til your sore


Decided to write a song for my hero
Considering he's done so much for me