Reckless Kelly
by Steve Schmidt


Reckless Kelly


To paraphrase Cracker, what the world needs now is another Iraq war song like I need a hole in my head. Or so I thought, as American Blood from Bulletproof by Reckless Kelly proves there is room for one more.

Bulletproof is the latest in a run of four consecutive excellent efforts from the Austin Texas quintet.

The opening track Ragged as the Road gets things rocking and shows the muscle that RK can bring. God Forsaken Town showcases RK’s quieter side and is a first person account of Katrina and post Katrina life in the Big Easy.


The afore-mentioned American Blood is the masterpiece of the album and one of RK’s strongest tunes ever. It also is the best statement on the war of 2008. Hell, scrap that, it the best song about this war… period. It paints a vivid picture with out being preachy or anti-troops and it has a catchy hook that would make Babe Winkleman proud. And in less than four seconds the simple line “God bless America but God damn Uncle Sam” sums up the feelings of a lot of s.

To paraphrase RK singer, song writer and front man Willy Braun, God Bless Reckless Kelly.

Reviewed by Steve Schmidt