RADIOGIRL on Dollard Radio - Oldambt, The Netherlands
Host/Producer/Engineer: Johanna J. Bodde
Available via live-stream at - Saturdays 15h00-17h00 local time
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Playlist December 4th, 2010
Artist/Group, "Song"; Album (Label)
(1st hour)
Elliott Murphy, "And General Robert E. Lee"; Notes >From The Underground (Bang! Music)
John Pinamonti, "Dreamland"; End Of Smith (Self-Released,
Tara Linda, "Never Say Never"; Tortilla Western Serenade (Physalia Records,
Gary P. Nunn, "Corona Con Lima"; Various Artists - Brewed In Texas, Volume 2 (Compadre Records/Sonic RendezVous)
Jon Fox, "Lie To You"; Crooked Wheels (Self-Released,
The Windbreakers [feat. Tim Lee & Bobby Sutliff], "Girl From Washington"; Various Artists - The Sensitive Guy's Guide To Groovy Music (The Paisley Pop Label)
TimLee3, "Shipwreck"; Raucous Americanus (Cool Dog Sound,
Chris Hillman, "Eight Miles High"; The Other Side (Cooking Vinyl)
Larry Rice, Tony Rice, Chris Hillman & Herb Pedersen, "Somewhere On The Road Tonight"; Out Of The Woodwork (Rounder Records)
The Late Call, "In Good Memory"; You Already Have A Home (Tapete Records/Sonic RendezVous)
Davis Coen, "Don't Ever Be Sorry"; Jukebox Classic (Soundview/Sonic RendezVous)
Marti Brom w/ Dave Van Allen, "I Get The Blues When It Rains"; Not For Nothin' (Goofin/Ripsaw Records)
Eleven Hundred Springs, "Some Things Don't Go Together"; This Crazy Life (Smith Entertainment/Hemifran,
Doug Ploss, "Ring Of Fire"; Cowgirl Tattoo (Fertile Ground Records,
Rancho DeLuxe, "Bone Rock Breakdown"; True Freedom (Self-Released,
(2nd hour)
Jason & The Scorchers, "Mother Of Greed"; Halcyon Times (Blue Rose Records/Sonic RendezVous)
Stacie Collins w/ Warner E. Hodges, "It Hurts To Breathe"; Sometimes Ya Gotta... (Blue Rose Records/Sonic RendezVous)
Jamie Hoover, "Moonlight"; Various Artists - Poppies For My Sweet, The Popfest Compilation (Popfest Records,
Jamie Hoover & Bill Lloyd w/ Dennis Diken, "All She Wanted"; Paparazzi (The Paisley Pop Label)
Sonya Hunter w/ Erik Pearson & Marty Wehner, "My Heart Breaks"; Headlights & Other Constellations (Honey Do Music/Inbetweens Records,
Jason Heath & The Greedy Souls w/ Wayne Kramer & The Nightwatchman, "On Our Way Home"; The Vain Hope Of Horse (Still Small Recordings,
Rick Spreitzer, "Motel Prayer"; From The Bottom (Self-Released,
Chris & Carla, "The Silent Crossing"; Life Full Of Holes (Glitterhouse Records)
'Music Hall Live!':
The Coal Porters
- "Draft Morning"
- "Older Guys"
- "Time Between"
- "Wheels"
- "The Lost Highway"
- "Sin City"
The Chris Hillman Tribute Concerts (Prima Records,