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Playlist October 18th, 2008
Artist/Group, "Song"; Album (Label)
(1st hour)
Warner E. Hodges w/ Dan Baird & Stacie Collins, "Branded Man"; Centerline (Jerkin' Crocus)
Camille Bloom, "Stay"; Say Goodbye To Pretty (Self-Released,
The O's [John Pedigo & Taylor Young], "California"; EP The O's (Self-Released,
Robert Coleman Trussell, "Long Way From Topeka"; Juice & Jive (Goodnight-Loving Records,
Rebekah Pulley & The Reluctant Prophets, "Island Of You"; Back To Boogaloo (Lucky Bird Records,
Ad VanderVeen, "The Long Way Round"; Still Now - The Garage (Blue Rose Records/Sonic RendezVous)
Ted Russell Kamp, "Let The Rain Fall Down"; Poor Man's Paradise (Dualtone/Hemifran,
Julian Dawson w/ Dan Penn, Barry & Holly Tashian, "Walking On The Dead"; Deep Rain (Blue Rose Records/Sonic RendezVous)
Fayssoux w/ Emmylou Harris & Peter Cooper, "The Blackest Crow"; Early (Red Beet Records/Hemifran,
Eddie Cole, "Shadowlands"; It's The Apocalypse, Baby... (Groove Eddy Records/Hemifran,
Randall Bramblett, "Sun Runs"; Now It's Tomorrow (New West Records/Sonic RendezVous)
South Saturn Delta, "Chalk Marks On The Pavement"; Drink From The Well (Self-Released/Hemifran,
Willie Nile, "Streets Of New York"; Live From The Streets Of New York (Blue Rose Records/Sonic RendezVous)

(2nd hour)
Miss Leslie, "I'll Stand In Line"; Between The Whiskey And The Wine (Zero Label Records,
Dan Baird & Homemade Sin, "Champagne Sparkle"; Dan Baird & Homemade Sin (Jerkin' Crocus)
David Lykins, "Greetings From The Riviera"; Blurry White Guy (Self-Released,
Easton Stagger Phillips, "Red Bandana"; One For The Ditch (Blue Rose Records/Sonic RendezVous)
Buzz Cason, "Black Man In Mississippi"; Hats Off To Hank (Palo Duro Records/Hemifran,
Luke Powers, "The Tower"; Texasee (Phoebe Claire Publishing,
Carrie Clark and The Lonesome Lovers, "Long Black Coat"; Seems So Civilized (Red Bug Records,
Grand Atlantic, "Slappin' On The Cuffs"; This Is Grand Atlantic (PopBoomerang Records/Hemifran,
The Plastic Pals, "She's Going Back"; Good Karma Café (Polythene Records/Hemifran,
Ad VanderVeen, "Would You Ever Know"; Still Now - The Living (Blue Rose Records/Sonic RendezVous)
Robert Coleman Trussell, "Austin Town"; Juice & Jive (Goodnight-Loving Records,
K.C. McKanzie, "I Remember You"; Hammer & Nails (T3 Records,
Trevor Alguire, "Away From You Now"; Thirty Year Run (Blue Rose Records/Sonic RendezVous)
3rd hour = Music Hall Live! (not on the Internet)
Hardpan [leadvocal: Joseph Parsons], "Crocodile"; Hardpan Live (Blue Rose Records/Sonic RendezVous)
[Live-recording October 6th, 2002 - Bürgerhaus, Heilbronn-Böckingen Germany]
The Joseph Parsons Band
- "Boy Next Door"
- "Jokerman"
- "Late Last Night"
- "200 Miles"
- "Whether You Will"
- "Can't Keep Her Gone"
- "Don't Let It Bring You Down"
- "Borderline"
- "Caught Out In The Rain"
- "Rain"
- "Face"
The Joseph Parsons Band LIVE In Europe (Blue Rose Records/Sonic RendezVous)
[Live-recordings November 13th, 1999 - Gasthaus Zur Linde, Affalter Germany and November 14th, 1999 - JÜZ, Lichtenfels Germany]