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Tuesday Night Americana Music Club


"Late Night Folk and Americana"



This week live in the studio: Matthew Davies


Coming up…live in the Tuesday Night Americana Music Club

November 17th Markus Rill & Annika Fehling

November 27th Gurf Morlix



Tuesday, November 10th, 2009


22.00-23.00 CET


The New Time - Neutral Milk Hotel (An Incomplete History, Self-released)


The Mayflies - Mares (A Thousand Small Things, Mud Dauber Records)


Tim Lee - Molly Says (Stand-Ins For The deciBels, A Tribute To The dB's, The Paisley Pop Label)


Or, The Whale - Shasta (Or, The Whale, Seany Records / Sonic Rendezvous)


Brett Saxon - Lucky (A Castle Built Too Quickly, By Land Or By Sea Records / Wesley Harvey)


Carolyn Mark & N.Q. Arbuckle - Too Sober To Sleep (Let's Just Stay Here, Mint / Sonic Rendezvous)


- Matthew Davies live session in the Tuesday Night Americana Music Club


Gordie Tentrees - Daylight (Mercy Or Sin, Self-released / Sonic Rendezvous)


- Interview Matthew Davies


Hayward Williams - Redwoods (Another Sailor's Dream, Machine Records / Sonic Rendezvous)


23.00-00.00 CET


The Maldives - Goodbye (Listen To The Thunder, Mt. Fuji Records / Sonic Rendezvous)


Arthur Adams - Don't Let The Door Hit The Floor (Stomp The Floor, Delta Groove Music)


Rosie Flores - Girl Of The Century (Girl Of The Century, Bloodshot Records / Bertus)


Madame Pamita - Willie The Chimney Sweeper (Madame Pamita's Wax Works, Old Time Is A Good Time /



Bart de Win - The Simple Life (The Simple Life, Shine A Light Records)


- Matthew Davies live session in the Tuesday Night Americana Music Club


The Aces- House On The Hill (No One Rides For Free, El Toro Records)


Tim Easton - Burgundy Red (Porcupine, New West / Sonic Rendezvous)


Porkbelly Futures - Handsome Devil Ray (Porkbelly Futures, Cordova Bay Records / Hemifran)


Devon Sproule - Healthy Parents, Happy Couple (Don't Hurry For Heaven, Tin Angel Records / Sonic Rendezvous)


Grant Peeples - There's A Bluebird In My Heart (Pawnshop, Gatorbone Records / The Miller Tells Her Tale)


John Gorka - Where No Monument Stands (So Dark You See, Red House Records)


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