Hats Off

Tuesday April 22nd, 2014

Hosted by: Marthijn de Wit
On air: RTV NOF www.rtvnof.nl
Internet: Rootsparadise www.rootsparadise.com

21:00-22:00 CET
Deadman - Our Fellow Man (How Shall We Then Live?, Rootsy.nu, 2014)
Matt Andersen - My Last Day (Weightless, True North Records / Broere Promotion, 2014)
The Delines - Colfax Avenue (Colfax, Decor / Bertus, 2014)
Girls, Guns & Glory - One Of These Days (Good Luck, Lonesome Day, 2014)
Truckstop Honeymoon - Home Is Not A Hotel (The Madness Of Happiness, Squirrel Records, 2014)
Johnny Cash - I Drove Her Out Of My Mind (Out Among The Stars,Columbia, 2014)
The Henhouse Prowlers - Why Is The Night So Long (Breaking Ground, Prowlers Music / Sonic Rendezvous, 2014)
The Wood Brothers - Wastin' My Mind On You (The Muse, Southern Ground Artists, 2014)
Adam Carroll - Bernadine (Let It Choose You, Down Hole Records, 2014)
Matt Harlan - Old Allen Road (Raven Hotel, Lucky Dice Music, 2014)
Will Kimbrough - Home Economics (Sideshow Love, Rootsy.nu / Sonic Rendezvous, 2014)
Morgan O' Kane - The One They Call The Wind (The One They Call The Wind, Dollartone Records / Sonic Rendezvous, 2014)
Lincoln Durham - Annie Departee (Exodus Of The Deemed Unrighteous, Blue Rose / Sonic Rendezvous, 2014)