Hats Off

Tuesday April 15th, 2014

Hosted by: Marthijn de Wit
On air: RTV NOF www.rtvnof.nl
Internet: Rootsparadise www.rootsparadise.com

21:00-22:00 CET
Wagon - Driving Home (No Kinder Room, Hightone Records / Sonic Rendevous, 1996)
The Jayhawks - A Break In The Clouds (Smile, American, 2000)
Will Kimbrough - Sideshow Love (Sideshow Love, Rootsy.nu / Sonic Rendezvous, 2014)
Deadman - Things Have Changed (Chimes at Midnight/How Shall We Then Live, Rootsy.nu / Sonic Rendezvous, 2014)
Ben Weaver - Pissin' In The Wind (Hollerin' at a Woodpecker, 30/30 Industries / Sonic Rendezvous, 2002)
The Dexateens - What Money Means (Hardwire Healing, Rosa Records / Sonic Rendezvous, 2007)
Johnny Cash with Waylon Jennings - I'm Movin On (Out Among The Stars, Columbia, 2014)
Tift Merritt - Laid A Highway (Home Is Loud, Blue Rose / Sonic Rendezvous, 2009)
The Whipsaws - Coming Home (60 Watt Avenue, Blue Rose / Sonic Rendezvous, 2008)
Adam Carroll - Spoken For (Let It Choose You, Down Hole Records, 2014)
Whiskeytown - Bottom Of The Glass (Straight Outta Boone County, Bloodshot Records, 1997)
Blue Mountain - Midnight In Mississippi (Midnight In Mississippi, Blue Rose / Sonic Rendezvous, 2008)
Vikesh Kapoor - Searching For The Sun (The Ballad Of Willy Robbins, Loose / Bertus, 2014)