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Americana Music Club
In de uitzending van 14 of 28 december wordt de Americana Albumlijst 2010 uitgezonden, samengesteld door luisteraars.
Mail je top 5 albums van 2010 naar marthijn.dewit@radionof.nl  (deadline = 7 december a.s.)
21.00-22.00 CET
Intro: The Victor Mourning - Americana Music Club
Levon Helm - It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry (The Imus Ranch Records, New West / Sonic Rendezvous) Dylan cover
Crosby Tyler - Fugitive From The Law (Lectric Prayer, Bohemia Music)
Massy Ferguson - Wenatchee Eyes (Hard Water, Spark & Shine / Sonic Rendezvous)
Clay McClinton - Bird For A Day (Livin' Out Loud, Independent)
Joe Cassady and the West End Sound - We All Tour With Elvis (The Chymical Vegas Wedding, Avenue A Records)
D.B. Rielly - Changed My Mind (Love Potions and Snake Oil, Shut Up & Play)
Mike Farris - Dear Lazarus (The Night The Cumberland Came Alive, Entertainment One)
Jakob Dylan - Everybody's Hurting (Women + Country, Columbia) tip Americana Albumlist 2010
Leeroy Stagger & The Wildflowers - Georgesblues (Little Victories, Blue Rose / Sonic Rendezvous)
Belly Says - Sweet Anger (Belly Says, Self-released / Broere Promotion)
R.E.M. - Electrolite (Live >From Austin TX DVD, New West / Sonic Rendezvous)
R.E.M. - Imitation Of Live (Live From Austin TX DVD, New West / Sonic Rendezvous)
Bruce Bherman - Slowdown (Untagged Friends, AKR Recording / Broere Promotion)
22.00-23.00 CET
Huey Lewis and the News - Just One More Day (Soulsville, Proper / Roughtrade)  Otis Redding ballad
Eric Brace & Peter Cooper - Nice Old Man (Master Sessions, Red Beet Records)
Boris McCutcheon & The Saltlicks - Circus (Wheel Of Live, Frogville Records / Lucky Dice Music)
Lynne Hanson - Rest Of My Days (Once The Sun Goes Down, Self-released / Indie Pr)
Chris Brecht - Hollywood (Dead Flower Motel, Blue Rose / Sonic Rendezvous)
Annie Keating - On The Loose (Water Tower View, Self-released / Hemifran)
Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - Get Behind Me (Hawk, V2)
Janis Joplin - Little Girl Blue (The Essential, Sony) Classic
Tony Joe White - Season Man (The Shine, Swamp Records)
Cowboy Junkies - Renmin Park (Renmin Park, Proper / Roughtrade)
Corinne West & Kelly Joe Phelps - Whiskey Poet (Magnetic Skyline, Tin Angel Records / Sonic Rendezvous)
Ben Weaver - Grass Doe (Mirepoix and Smoke, Bloodshot Records / Bertus)
Donovan - The Little Tin Soldier (Fairytale, Castle Classics) Lullaby