Bij deze de nieuwe playlist (12 mei 2016), uitzending gisteravond live RTV NOF en terugluisteren
Have Fun!

Nikki Lane - All Or Nothin' (All Or Nothin', New West / PIAS, 2015)

The Hard Working Americans - Opening Statement (Rest In Chaos, Melvin, 2016)

Lilly Hiatt - Jesus Would've Let Me Pick a Restaurant (Royal Blue, New West / PIAS, 2016)

John Doe - A Little Help (The Westerner, Cool Rock / Bertus, 2016)

Kacy & Clayton - If You Ask Me How I'm Keeping (Strange Country, New West / PIAS, 2016)

Ted Russell Kamp - Hold On (Flying Solo, POMO, 2016)

Ted Russell Kamp - Tecumseh Valley (The Low and Lonesome Sound, POMO, 2015)

Rebecca Pronsky - Shadow (Known Projects, G Promo PR, 2016)

Brooks Williams - Joker's Wild (My Turn Now, Broere Promotion, 2016)

The Wood Brothers - Never and Always (Paradise, Blue Rose / Sonic Rendezvous, 2016)

Hackensaw Boys - Don't Bet Against Me (Charismo, Blue Rose / Sonic Rendezvous, 2016)

Tony Joe White - Right Back in The Fire (Rain Crow, Yep Roc / V2, 2016)