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Tuesday November 29th, 2011 - Episode 11
Stem voor de "Kalimotxo Album Top 25 - 2011"
Ook dit jaar kan er weer gestemd worden voor de "Kalimotxo Album Top 25" van 2011.
Een top 5 van je favoriete Americana albums kun je uiterlijk 13 december a.s. toesturen naar marthijn.dewit@rtvnof.nl
De uiteindelijke lijst zal gepresenteerd worden in de uitzending van 20 december tussen 21.00 en 23.00.
Check de longlist op
Uiteraard zijn vrije keuzes ook mogelijk, als het maar albums betreffen die in 2011 zijn uitgebracht.
21.00-22.00 CET
New Country Rehab - Mind Your Own Business (New Country Rehab, Broere Promotion) 3:07
Matty Charles - Drinking Again (Back At Your Door, Lucky Dice Music) 2:51
Old Californio - Dark Fire (Sundrunk Angels, Californio Records / Sonic Rendezvous) 4:59
The Sean Chambers Band - Full Moon On Main Street (Live From The Long Island Blues Warehouse, Blue Heart Records / Sonic Rendezvous) 4:28 
Carolyn Wonderland - What Good Can Drinkin' Do (Peace Meal, Blue Rose / Sonic Rendezvous) 4:03
Paul Curreri - Powwow At A Lousy Party (The Big Shitty, Tin Angel Records / Sonic Rendezvous) 2:58
Jeffrey Foucault - Call Off The Dogs (Cold Satellite, Continental Song City / CRS) 3:35
The Great Book Of John - Ashes Over Manhattan (The Great Book Of John, Communicating Vessels / Sonic Rendezvous) 4:33 
Hank Shizzoe - Caught Asleep (Live At The Blue Rose Christmas Party 2010, Blue Rose / Sonic Rendezvous) 4:24
Whitehorse - Passenger 24 (Whitehorse, Six Shooter Records / Bertus) 4:50
Joe West - Key Party At The Muldoon Farm - ultimate mix (Aberdeen, S.D., Stocktank Records) 4:39 
Brett Detar - It's Only The Night (Bird In The Tangle, Ravensong Recordings) 6:52
22.00-23.00 CET
Amelia White - Lonely Sound (Beautiful and Wild, Indiepr) 3:56
Robert Earl Keen - Play A Train Song (Ready For Confetti, Lost Highway) 4:11 
Gurf Morlix - Clay Pigeons (Blaze Foley's 113th Wet Dream, Rootball Records / Bloody Great PR) 3:25
Chelsea Crowell - Better Than Her (Crystal City, Cleft Music) 3:44
The Old Joe Clarks - Breaking Ground (Town Of Ten, Checkered Past Records / Sonic Rendezvous) 4:24
Boca Chica - Long Range Guns (Get Out Of Sin City, Pete Knapp & Company) 4:40
Old Californio - Just A Matter Of Time (Sundrunk Angels, Californio Records / Sonic Rendezvous) 6:03 
Shelby Lynne - I'll Hold Your Head (Revelation Road, Everso Records) 4:29
Matt The Electrician - I Will Do The Breathing (Accidental Thief, Lucky Dice Music) 4:31
Carrie Rodriguez and Ben Kyle - My Baby's Gone (We Still Love Our Country, Ninth Street Opus) 3:59 
The Steel Wheels - The Cuckoo (Live At Goose Creek, Pete Knapp & Company) 5:18