Hi folks,

here are some reviews of records that might be of interest to anyone visiting this site. I asked two knowledgeable guys to help me out with the reviews because between keeping this page up to date and my radio show there's just no way I could be writing reviews. The reviews are handled by Nobby Knape, Markus Rill, Jan van Doorn, Jeff Wall, Steve Schmidt, Rachel Leibrock, Alex Tobin, Maurice Dielemans, Doug Waterman,  Jos van den Boom, Bert van Kessel and Johanna J. Bodde.

Hope you'll enjoy the reviews section.

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Norbert Knape is also the webmaster of the Mekons' homepage
Markus Rill is a singer/songwriter in his own right and leader of his band "Markus Rill & The Gunslingers"
Jan van Doorn is the leader of his band "Lazy Sunday Dream" from NL
Jeff Wall has his own great website named "Twangzine" with a lot of reviews, articles, interviews and so on.
Steve Schmidt wrote his first review here and it's a good one
Rachel Leibrock is a features reporter for the Sacramento Bee
Alex Tobin and Maurice Dielemans are freelance writers for the Dutch Music
Hank Beukema is a freelance writer and has his own website
Smidi and Indy are freelance writers for Road Tracks
Doug Waterman sent in his frist review here and it's a good one, too
Larry Gardner is a freelance writer and has sent his first review
Gerd Stassen is a DJ on Radio EVW
Marianne Ebertowski is a freelance writer for Rockzillaworld
John Schacht is a freelance writer from Charlotte, NC
Jos van den Boom is a freelance writer and DJ from the Netherland
Bert van Kessel is a freelance writer from Netherland, too.
Johanna J. Bodde is a freelance writer and DJ from the Netherland

The point of this reviews section is to inform about major releases but also to provide lesser-known bands with a platform. 
So, email Hans (it's me), Nobby,Smidi, Jan, Jeff, Steve, Rachel, Alex , Maurice , Gerd,    BertJosMarianne or Johanna and they'll tell you where to send your CDs. They'll also be glad to  hear your comments on their reviews.