Dan Smolla
talks about
"There's a river" and "Sky of my mind"

by Johanna J. Bodde

DAN SMOLLA talks about "There's A River (Evergreen)"
Self-Released. www.dansmolla.com


"Magic Circle Dark"
This is a song about the often mysterious and magical positive properties that accompany good intentions.

"Two Seals"
This song is about synchronicity, timing, and fate.

"Sending Yourself a Start"
A song about the yin/yang or light in dark, dark in light principle, where everything, situation, and person also contains its or his/her opposite.

"True Wit"
About the often mysterious and magical negative properties that accompany harmful intentions. This negativity often seems to manifest ironically, and so this is a song drenched purposefully in irony.

"Hey Soaked Sun"
This is a song written as sort of a brother or follow-up part of “True Wit.”

“True Wit” sort of reveals not just that the Emperor has no clothes, but that he really looks something awful without any clothes on. “Hey Soaked Sun” is sort of “but it all comes out in the wash” reply to that sentiment. “I check up your sleeve/ I know something’s missin/ I don’t stare.” Sort of saying to the “target” of the “True Wit” song, “Your actions were not so skillful, but you’re ok.”

"Sit With Her"
This is sort of a romantic reverie on the nature of romance itself.

Yes, a song about smiling.

"Her Hands are Song"
Good old fashioned rock and roll “the body is a good thing” kind of a song. (Unless of course you are the Emperor in which case you are kindly asked to keep your damn clothes on—see “True Wit,”
song #4.)

Song about yearning, longing.

"Rotten in Denmark"
The lyrics in this song are so direct it would be pointless to comment on them.

"There’s a River"
This is a song about mystical connectedness.

DAN SMOLLA talks about "Sky of mind" c 2005
Self-Released. www.dansmolla.com

"SKY OF MY MIND" c 2005

"Sky of My Mind"
The title song is sort of a riff on the old poetic idea of a man expressing his relationship to the imagination/the muse through the metaphor of expressing his relationship with a woman he has fallen in love with.

"Joe Strummer"
A tribute to Joe Strummer and his incredible energy and ability to lead through example.

"One Love"
This is a song about political lies.

"White Magic"
"Her Horse Wandered"
A Love Song.

This is a song about freedom, written here, through the qualities of religious freedom.

"See You"
Another Love Song.

"Mary Lou"
I wrote this song as a tribute to Mary Lou Lord’s EP, "Mind the Gap” which had such an incredible lightness and playfulness and love for melody.

"Black Magic"
A song about duplicitous, harmful intentions.

"Down By The Road"
A song about feeling spiritually connected and filled.

"In the Flow"
This is kind of a companion song to the first song on the cd, “Sky of My Mind,” and develops further the idea of a relationship to the imagination/ muse paralleling a romance.