Brian Webb
"Broken Folk"
by Johanna J. Bodde

BRIAN WEBB   "Broken Folk"   (Self-Released)  www.cdbaby/cd/bwebb  Also available via Lucky Dice Mailorder.

Nowadays there are actually quite a few gentlemen, who call themselves singer-songwriter, have a pleasant voice (and a cute face), write smart lyrics and often handle the guitar in a good way too. But when an unknown suddenly pops up on number one of the Crossroads radioshow yearlist (2002), it DOES attract my attention.
It always takes a while before we can lay our hands on self-released albums, but I've been listening to "Broken Folk" now! By philosophically inspired Brian Webb, who moved to Boston and has played there in stations of the T (subway). And I'm impressed... "Leaving Atlanta" is breathtakingly beautiful, acoustic guitar and banjo with the voices of Brian and Rachel McCartney, who also sings along on other tracks. "She waits like I was something to be waited for". I would like to quote a whole lot more from the clever lyrics, from "Martha" for instance: "It's not some kind of contest, that says in the end, if you love someone the most, you will get to keep them". In rocking "Oh Lord" a line is borrowed from Bill Mallonee, who also knows his way with to-the-point characterising, but that's altogether the only name I see that we know already.
The whole album sounds varied, with ingenious arrangements and Brian has the kind of voice, that immediately convinces us of the sincerity of his songs. Bonus points for the lay-out, not only the painting on the front cover is very funny, the picture of Brian and his dog, appearing when the disc is removed from the tray, is possibly even more amusing!
Written by Johanna J. Bodde, translated by Yvonne Bohm. Dutch original of this review previously published on Real Roots Cafe, The Netherlands.