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Americana Music Club

Tuesday August 23rd, 2011
21.00-22.00 CET
Black Prairie - Red Rocking Chair (Feast Of The Hunter's Moon, Sugar Hill Records)
Owen Temple - Prince Of Peace (Mountain Home, Blue Rose / Sonic Rendezvous)
The Boxcar Lillies - Places On The Highway (Heartwood, Independent)
The Haunted Windchimes - Don't Take My Baby Away (Honey Moonshine, Blank-Tape Records)
The Twilite Broadcasters - Where Is My Sailor Boy (The Trail Of Time, Self-released / Pete Knapp Company)
Buffalo Clover - Don't Lie To Yourself (Low Down Time, Palaver Records)
Kirsten Jones - Extra Days (The Mad Mile, Self-released)
Deadman - Brother John (Live At The Saxon Pub, Rootsy / Sonic Rendezvous)
Deadman - Oh Delilah (Live At The Saxon Pub, Rootsy / Sonic Rendezvous)
Deadman - Take Up Your Mat and Walk (Live At The Saxon Pub, Rootsy / Sonic Rendezvous)
Fred Eaglesmith & The Flathead Noodlers - John Deere "B" (Balin, AML Records / Sonic Rendezvous)
Gillian Welch - Hard Times (The Harrow & The Harvest, Acony)
Bocephus King - The Epiphany Of The Saints (Willie Dixon God Damn!, Tonic / Sonic Rendezvous)
22.00-23.00 CET
Fiery Blue - Turn (Fiery Blue, Doubloon Records / Hemifran)
Fiery Blue - Slow Down (Our Secret, Doubloon Records / Hemifran)
Buddy Miller - Water When The Well Is Dry (Midnight and Lonesome, Hightone Records / Sonic Rendezvous)
Julie Miller - A Kiss On The Lips (Blue Pony, Radio Tracks EP, Hightone Records / Sonic Rendezvous)
John Hiatt - Down Around My Place (Dirty Jeans and Mudslide Hymns, New West / Sonic Rendezvous)
Ana Egge - Hole In Your Halo (Bad Blood, Ammal Records / Lucky Dice Music)
Old 97's - Manhattan I'm Done (The Grand Theatre Vol.2, New West / Sonic Rendezvous)
Brian Molnar & The Naked Hearts feat. Amanda Shires - Movin' Down The Road (Of The Fall, Avenue A Records)
Amanda Shires - Rings and Chains (West Cross Timbers, Self-released)
Yarn - Sorry For Being Me (Leftovers Vol. 1, Ardsley Music)
Eric Hisaw - Albequerque (Ghost Stories, Self-released)
A.J. Roach - Black Lung (Music of Coal: Mining Songs from the Appalachian Coalfields, Lonesome Pine Records)
Carrie Elkin - Edge Of The World (Call It My Garden, Red House Records)
Pieta Brown - Lovin' You Still (Shimmer, Red House Records)