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Tuesday Night Americana Music Club
Tuesday, May 26th, 2009
1st hour
Craig Bickhardt
- The Real Game (Brother To The Wind, Stone Barn Records / Hemifran)
Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers Blues Quartet - Key To The Highway (Soul Monster, Delta Groove Music)
Arty Hill & The Long Gone Daddys
- I Ate Through The Jail (Back On The Rail, Cow Island Records)
Rachel Harrington
- Blow ~ The Ballad Of Bill Miner (The Bootlegger's Daughter, Skinny Dennis / G Promo PR)
Henry Capps
- Down On The Old River Road (Now That's AmericanaOK)
Steve Earle
- Mr. Mudd And Mr. Gold (Townes, New West / Sonic Rendezvous)
The Whipsaws
- Jessi Jane (60 Watt Avenue, Blue Rose / Sonic Rendezvous)
Candye Kane
- Throw It In The Thrash Can Love (Superhero, Delta Groove Music)
Charley Cruz & The Lost Souls
- Curfew City (The Last Warrior, White Indian Records / Sonic Rendezvous)
The Flatlanders
- Sowing On The Mountain (Hills And Valleys, New West / Sonic Rendezvous)
Anna Wolfe
- For Granted (Love, Muddy Sunshine Music / Hemifran)
- Born Yesterday (Sorta, FTG Records / Hemifran)
Vanessa Peters & Ice Cream On Mondays
- Keep Your Chin Up (Sweetheart, Keep Your Chin Up, Little Sandwich Music)
2nd hour
Emmylou Harris And Mary Black
- Green Rolling Hills Of West Virginia (Singing Through The Hard Times; A Tribute To Utah Phillips,
Righteous Babe / Hemifran)
- Weepin'Mary (Early, Red Beet Records / Hemifran)
Jeffrey Foucault
- The Late John Garfield Blues (Shoot The Moon Right Between The Eyes, Continental Song City)
Bruce Springsteen
- Johnny 99 (Nebraska, Columbia)
The Radio Kings
- Pallet On The Floor (The Radio Kings, Corazong)
The Wild Specialties
- All = Fine (Beautiful Day, Sonic Rendezvous)
Tim Easton
- Stormy (Porcupine, New West / Sonic Rendezvous)
Angie Stevens
- Drinking Song (Queen Of This Mess, Boss Koala Records / Shut Eye Records)
Albert & Cage
- Annie (Dakota Lullaby, Moon House Records / Hemifran)
Lynne Hanson
- Cold Touch (Eleven Months, Self-released)
Josh Harty
- Long Time Coming Down (A Long List Of Lies, Magnolia Recording Company)
Luke Doucet and the White Falcon
- Long Haul Driver (Blood´s Too Rich, Six Shooter Records)
Gurf Morlix
- Crossroads (Last Exit To Happyland, Self-released)


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Marthijn de Wit