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Playlist Tuesday Night Americana Music Club
Tuesday, June 23th 2009
1st hour
Stammer Lee
- Rock n' Roll Monkey (Victorietapes, Selfreleased / Sonic Rendezvous)
Eric Brace & Peter Cooper
- Denali, Not Mc Kinley (You Don't Have to Like Them Both, Corazong)
Kim Lenz and the Jaguars
- Shined Up And Ready To Shout (It's All True, Riley Records / Sonic Rendezvous)
Steely Dan
- With A Gun (Pretzel Logic, MCA Records)
Carrie Clark & The Lonesome Lovers
- Josephine (Seems So Civilized, Red Bug Records)
Mickey Clark
- Don't Piss On My Boots And Tell Me It's Rainin' (Winding Highways, Ear-X-Tacy / Sonic Rendezvous)
The Pralines
- What to Do About You (Song Of The Day Cafe, Spade Kitty Records)
Ryan Adams
- Touch, Feel & Lose (Gold, Lost Highway)
Templo Diez
- On Our Way (Merced, Selfreleased / Sonic Rendezvous)
The Be Good Tanyas
- Nobody Cares For Me (Hello Love, Nettwork Productions)
Eric Hisaw
- Tomorrow (Nature Of The Blues, Saustex Media / Sonic Rendezvous)
David Serby
- Tumble Down (Honkeytonk And Vine, Selfreleased / G Promo PR)
The Dexateens
- Freight Train (Hardware Healing, Rosa Records / Sonic Rendezvous)
- Fore! (Warm People, Nine Mile Records / Sonic Rendezvous)
2nd hour
Jon Dee Graham
- Way Down In The Hole (Hooray For The Moon, New West / Sonic Rendezvous)
Romi Mayes
- Achin In Yer Bones (Achin In Yer Bones, Me And My Americana)
Charley Cruz & The Lost Souls
- Come On (The Last Warrior / Sonic Rendezvous)
Janis Joplin
- Little Girl Blue (Pearl; live bonustrack, Sony Music)
Mark Pickerel And His Praying Hands
- One More Cup Of Coffee (Cody's Dream, Bloodshot Records / Bertus)
Sarah MacDougall
- Ballad Of Sherri (Across The Atlantic, Selfreleased / The Medicine Show)
- Dying Slowly (Can Our Love…, Beggars Banquet Records)
- Wy-Am (Bending Mirrors, Homesweet Music / Sonic Rendezvous)
Mare Wakefield
- Pretty Little Bird (Ironwood, Selfreleased)
Gregory Alan Isakov
- If I Go, I'm Goin (This Empty Northern Hemisphere, Suitcase Town Music)
K.C. McKanzie
- No Need To Fly (The Widow Tries To Hide, Bluebird Café Berlin Records)
Owen Temple
- Dollars And Dimes (Dollars And Dimes, El Paisano Records)
Eilen Jewell
- Sweet Rose (Sea Of Tears, Signature Sounds)
Neil Young
- A Man Needs A Maid (Harves, Reprise Records)

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Marthijn de Wit