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Playlist Tuesday Night Americana Music Club
Tuesday, April 21th, 2009
1st hour
Slaid Cleaves
- Hard To Believe (Everything You Love Will Be Taken Away, Music Road Records)
The Flatlanders
- Homeland Refugee (Hills And Valleys, New West / Sonic Rendezvous)
Graham Linsdey
- Old Roger (We Are All Alone In This Together, Spacebar Recordings / Sonic Rendezvous)
Buddy & Julie Miller
- Gasoline And Matches (Written In Chalk, New West / Sonic Rendezvous)
- Gasoline (Deer In The Night, Po'Girl Music Inc. / The Medicine Show)
Dan Baker
- Untraveled Road (Outskirts Of Town)
Bourgeois Gypsies
- Unsquare Dance (Faulty Fairytales, Kaiam Records)
Naomi Sommers
- Hypnotizing (Gentle As The Sun, American Melody / Hemifran)
Michel, Gjalt & Jitte Muziekpodium Bakkeveen
Darrell Scott
- The Dreamer (The Invisible Man, Full Light Records)
Gregory Alan Isakov
- 3 a.m. (That Sea, The Gambler)
2nd hour
JJ Cale
- Roll On (Roll On, Rounder)
Drag The River
- Having A Party (Bad At Breaking Up, Vinyl Collective, Suburban Home / Sonic Rendezvous)
Ted Russel Kamp
- Dixie (Poor Man's Paradise / Hemifran)
Rachel Harrington
- Old Time Religion / Working On A Building (City Of Refuge, Skinny Dennis Records / Sonic Rendezvous)
Danny Schmidt
- Grampa Built Bridges (Instead The Forest Rose To Sing, Red House Records)
John Amos
- Just Come Lookin' For Me (Invisible Boy, Tadarainia)
Sand Sheff
- Sunflowers (Turn Me Around, Upheaval Dome Music)
Phil Lee
- Sonny George (So Long, It's Been Good To Know You, Palookaville / The Medicine Show)
Nathalie Nahai
- Blood & Cyanide (Fortune Teller, Fuzzy Muskrat Records)
The Coal Porters
- Maybe I'll Cry Tomorrow (How Dark This Earth Will Shine, Prima Records)
- Empty Pockets (Empty Pockets, Ardsley Music / AD CoOp)
Joe Cassady and the West End Sound
- Find My Way Home (The 47th Problem, Avenue A Records / AD CoOp)
Ad Vanderveen
- Houses In The Field (Faithful To Love, Sonic Rendezvous)

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Marthijn de Wit